Northern Neck Regional Jail

General Employment Benefits

Employee Benefits at Northern Neck Regional Jail

The following list of benefits is available to all full-time employees of the jail except where noted. The benefit description is a summary text only and does not provide full detail of benefit. Documentation pertaining to specific benefits will be provided at time of hire.

Health Insurance

The jail contributes to the cost of an employee's health insurance.
An employee may choose to insure his or her family under the plan and if this option is selected the employee will be responsible for a percentage of the additional premium.

Virginia Retirement System

Full-time Jail Officers qualify for the Law Enforcement Officer Supplement (LEOS) and may retire at age 50 with 25 years of service. A supplement is paid in addition to the basic retirement benefit until the officer reaches full social security retirement age. Full-time non-sworn employees may retire at age 50 with 30 years service.

Paid Term Life Insurance

The jail provides term life insurance to all full-time employees through the Virginia retirement System at no cost to the employee. Normal death benefit is double the employee's annual salary with enhancement for accidental or line of duty death.

Supplemental Insurance offers

The jail allows participation in optional insurance programs offered by Aflac and Colonial at group rates to employees. Premiums are paid by the employee and are payroll deducted

Deferred Compensation Program

The jail allows participation in a deferred compensation program (457) whereby an employee may set aside pre-tax dollars for future retirement purposes. Payments are payroll deducted.

Vacation and Sick Leave

Employees earn vacation leave and may carry over accumulations from year to year up to 240 hours (after 5 years). Leave is earned in the following amounts:

Employees earn 10 hours of sick leave for each month worked. There is no limit to accumulated sick leave that may be carried over from year to year.

Paid Holidays

Staff enjoy a minimum of 11 paid holidays per year.

Additional Employee Incentives

The jail promotes outstanding performance in many ways. Some tangible methods are;

  1. Employee of the Quarter Recognition- Employee receives monetary and plaque awards and go into running for Employee of the Year.
  2. Employee of the Year Recognition- Employee receives monetary, plaque, and travel awards.
  3. Professional Jail Employee program- employee's who meet the standards of Professional Jail Employee receive an annual salary enhancement.

Meals Provided for Employees

The jail operates a kitchen to feed the inmates and employees. Employees are authorized to eat at the jail at no cost to the employee.

Uniforms Provided

For positions that require the wearing of a uniform, the uniforms are provided to the employees at no cost.

Please Note: The Northern Neck Regional Jail is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, marital or veteran status, place of national origin, and other categories protected by law are not factors in employment, promotion, compensation or working conditions.

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