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Inmate Mail

Family and friends are encouraged to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated at the jail, and mail is just one resource to keep in touch. While there is no restriction on the amount of mail an inmate may send or receive, there is a restriction on the size of certain mail coming into the Jail (restriction does not apply to legal/privileged mail).

The following restrictions should be considered when sending mail to the jail. Correspondence that does not conform to these restrictions will be returned to sender.

  1. Social occasion cards, (i.e. birthday, Christmas) cannot exceed 6” x 8” in size. Cards that contain mechanical devices, such as musical cards, are not allowed.
  2. Photographs cannot exceed 4” x 6” in size. (No Polaroids & no more than 10 photos)
  3. Do not send cash in the mail. Only money orders or certified checks will be processed into an inmate’s account. Other types of currency will be returned to sender.

Mail will be delivered to the recipient within 24 hours after it is received from the Post Office with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Mail, if any, received on these days will be delivered on the next normal business day.

Contraband items discovered in an inmate’s mail will be seized. Both the inmate and the sender will be notified of any item which has been seized and the reason for the seizure.

The following is an example of how mail sent should be addressed:

Sender's Name                                                          STAMP
Sender's Full Address

Inmate's Name
c/o Northern Neck Regional Jail
P.O. Box 1060 Warsaw, Virginia 22572